Softaculous Get the most out of your Hosting

Easily install additional software with point and click

Softaculous Overview

  • G Suite for all your devices

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  • Share Files any time, any where

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  • 24/7 Real Person Customer Support

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  • Online Account Management Tools

Perform Complex Functions on Just a Click
You can perform Complex functions like backing up Database or Backing up your entire Website for that matter with just a click of a button. You can also Upgrade your Installations with a Click. Save the hassle while Importing your Scripts or Backing up your Website. Softaculous makes it as easy as it can get. The same workflow enables tasks to be completed rapidly and without navigating through multiple steps or pages.
Deploy Web Application in minutes
Using Softaculous you can deploy web applications within minutes. You just have to fill in your details and Click on Install. Thats it your Web application is up and Running. Henceforth no need of creating Databases manually or downloading zips and unzipping them on your server. No need of Debugging or tracing back as to why did the Installation failed. Softaculous does all that for you. Just sit back and relax. Let Softaculous handle everything.
Updated with New Features Regularly
With every new version released Softaculous innovates and integrates new features. These features are designed to make the workflow for the Users and the Web Hosts perform efficiently and with ease. These features also automate most of the tedious processes. These updates also contain patches, Bug Fixes and Security releases along with them. Softaculous updates have the flexibilty of getting updated automatically via the CRON or the Softaculous Admin can manually Update it.
Extensive Documentation
Softaculous provides an extensive documentation of the workflow that takes place in Softaculous. This makes it easy for Web Hosts to integrate Softaculous in their Panel. Also, Web Hosts can do various other processes like PHP versions checks using the Softaculous APIs. It also guides the endusers as to what Softaculous does or is capable of doing. The Doumentation is constructed in such a way that is easy to understand. The documents also provide Screeshots and Videos wherever necessary.